Sophie Luscious

What do you get when you mix a dangerous smolder and a wild weirdo? The hot little rebel Sophie Luscious!

This smokin' sweetheart has been mastering the art of the slow burn since 2012 and continues to wow audiences with her spellbinding routines. She has brought her fire to stages in Vancouver, as well as, across Vancouver Island. Whether she's a fierce vamp or a quirky naughty girl, she'll strut and shimmy her way into your hearts. Sophie Luscious will leave you hot and bothered in all of the right ways!

Like the other Vixens, Sophie’s a graduate of The Fabulous Miss Rosie Bitts. But before burlesque showed up as her one true love and turned her into a glitter-speckled nudist, Sophie honed her stage presence and timing in the gritty world of community theatre. She’s made it her life-long mission to master the art of story-telling.

Onstage, she likes to mix her disparate influences to create memorable routines. She brings classically-inspired burlesque, classic rock, her sassy and offbeat humour, and her desire to bring something different to the stage every time she hits it.

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