The Vancouver Island Vixens Unlocked

We are the Vancouver Island Vixens, a classic burlesque troupe hailing from Duncan, BC. We have been making our way around Vancouver Island to bring our distinct and approachable strip tease performances to a wider audience.

Though the Vancouver Island Vixens can often be seen with sultry routines, we strive to push the audience's perception of classic burlesque. Keeping in mind, the "art of the tease" (What classic burlesque is often known for), we expand on the genre using empowerment, story telling, and our own unique personalities.

It is our goal to bring classic burlesque into the 21st Century with our sense of innovation and diverse styles. It is because of the Golden Age of Burlesque (1900-1930, but burlesque still thriving well into the 1960s), that many women have the freedom to perform their art today. Our founding mothers (known as "burlesque legends") have gone through some of the most surreal moments because of burlesque, yet many of us

today don't realize how easy we have it as performers. As a troupe, we want to give an ode to our legends and where our art has come from. We would not be here today performing burlesque, if it were not for our legends.

If you have ever seen a Vancouver Island Vixens show, or seen us as individual performers and wanted more, here is your chance. Monthly blogs will be posted by one of us, exploring our legend inspirations, Q&As, what's happening, and our general thoughts on burlesque today. We would love for you to stay tuned, so please feel free to subscribe to our blog! We look forward to our journey and seeing where it takes each of us.


The Vancouver Island Vixens