Cherry Cheeks

Pushing the limits of love and compassion, Cherry Cheeks has been sharing the stage with audiences through her love of burlesque since 2014. She stands by love and all its forms, whether it is for others, aspirations, or oneself. Passion truly is what drives this cheeky beauty.


Her intention reaches to the very tips of her fingers to grab the audience and pull them into her soul's journey. Her heart ignites the hottest fires and leaves a glittery glow wherever she soars. Wild genuine energy is her gift to share with the audience.

Cherry is a proud member of the Tahltan tribe of Telegraph Creek, BC. She will pull at your heart-strings and have you feeling the full spectrum of emotions. From uplifting and loving to sassy and cheeky, you'll be sure to see every one of her best sides! With her firecracker moves and her intimate gaze, she'll make sure you leave feeling awe-struck.

She is a roller coaster of emotions, so strap in and put your arms up for one wild ride!

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